At Devitec, we believe in applying innovative technologies to provide an immersive and meaningful experience to our clients. Virtual Reality gives the ability to visualize projects and structures like never before, opening gates to limitless possibilities.
Apartment Interactive Virtual Tour

Real estate developers can now have the tool to better market their construction projects. Buyers can now immerse themselves in their future homes without the need to visit the physical locations

Wood Cabin Interactive

Using our 3D model of a wooden cabin, we demonstrate the endless possibilities of VR in interior visualization and customization. 

Showroom VR Demo

To assist customers from a granite store with picking their kitchen countertops. We created this VR experience that provided an immersive experience, helping the customers to visualize their kitchen setup while applying  different granite and sink/faucet options. 

Showroom Desktop Demo

We created the same experience from our showroom kitchen demo, but translated it into a desktop application. This gives our clients more versatility and exposure to better serve their customers.

Comic Strips
How VR Can Help You.

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